March 2014

The inane ramblings of a leaflet & flyer distributor.

Great start to the month, with plenty of sunshine, no rain, and above average temperatures – what a massive improvement on the endless rain we had in January & early February.

Perfect weather for delivering leaflets & flyers, with the added benefit of topping-up what was left of the great tan I got last year. It does amuse me when some people assume I’ve been away somewhere hot, and how surprised they are when I explain that the tan is simply the result of working outdoors.

The downside of the better weather, is it brings out the occasional person who will come out of their house, sometimes even running down the road after me if I’ve managed to get a few houses ahead of them, to have a moan about having the leaflets & flyers put through their letterboxes.

I can understand that with the number of distribution companies delivering across the Worthing area, the volume of leaflets & flyers being delivered is high, but with all the problems in the world worth getting seriously upset about, I don’t think this issue is one of them.

I always explain that if they consider it that much of a problem, just put a little sign on the letterbox saying ‘No Junk Mail’, job done. Most people seem happy with this advice, although I had one complete nutter this month who took offence at this simple solution and went off on a complete rant – “I don’t have to f**king do that, why the f**k should I have to do that, why can’t you c**ts just f**k-off”. Charming!

Funny thing is I didn’t see what house he came out of, and when I asked what number he was, so I could avoid delivering there in future, I was told, “none of your f**king business”, before he stormed off in the opposite direction from where he came from. Therefore, there’s no way I can avoid delivering to his house again, what a strange little man.

I did chuckle afterwards, as I wondered what on earth was going on in his life to get him so worked-up over something so minor. I suppose it takes allsorts, doesn’t it?

Having only launched the website in January 2014, it was great to have it leap forward to the top of page one for the key searches on Google this month, increasing the number of enquiries. So, instead of chasing potential clients that had expressed an interest in doing a leaflet or flyer drop in order to get them booked in; I’ve been struggling to fit in deliveries for all those calling me!

It’s nice being fully booked two months in advance, but I can see the point arriving where I’ll end-up turning business away, as I’ll not be able to accommodate their requirements, which will be somewhat gut-wrenching.